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"Genesis" - Lion Poster
"Genesis" - Lion Poster
"Genesis" - Lion Poster
"Genesis" - Lion Poster

"Genesis" - Lion Poster

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Title: "Genesis (Sekhmet’s Reign)" © 2017
Artist: Trevor Welsh (Psiloteric Visions ™)

-----------FRAME NOT INCLUDED-----------
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Canvas Prints Available:

Description: This piece can be interpreted as both the creation and the destruction. The flower of life is on the bottom, representing Earth and Humanity. If you look closely above the nasal ridge of the lion, you will see a goddess with a sun disc above her head. In a myth about Ra's rule on Earth, Ra sends Hathor (Isis) in her Sekhmet’s form (of a lioness) to destroy mortals who disrespected him. Sekhmet's revenge driven blood-lust could not be quelled and she destroyed almost all of humanity before she was stopped.
Elements: fire, Egypt, Ra, Hathor (Isis, Sekhmet), re-birth, creation

Type: poster print (no frame included)
Option I
Material: metallic print (Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic)
Size: 11"x14"
Option II
Material: archival quality matte print
Size: 12"x16"
Shipping: posters are shipped securely in flat cardboard - no rolling, bending or possibility for damage

Photos cannot do the metallic prints justice. This art is meant for a metallic finish, it’s absolutely amazing!
All of our art is inspected before being shipped out. We pay extra and have the printing work done here in the USA (vs. paying less and receiving lesser quality prints from overseas). Let us know if you’d like the poster signed/dedicated to someone. Also, this piece is available as a limited edition signed canvas print – check out my other listings.

"Genesis (Sekhmet’s Reign)" is protected by U.S. Copyright Office.
Psiloteric Visions ™ is trademarked.

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