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"Lapis Philosophorum V2" - Philosopher's Stone YOGA MAT
"Lapis Philosophorum V2" - Philosopher's Stone YOGA MAT
"Lapis Philosophorum V2" - Philosopher's Stone YOGA MAT
"Lapis Philosophorum V2" - Philosopher's Stone YOGA MAT

"Lapis Philosophorum V2" - Philosopher's Stone YOGA MAT

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"Lapis Philosophorum V2" - Philosopher's Stone YOGA MAT by Psiloteric Visions

Collaboration with METTA MATS

Our high-quality visionary art yoga mats are made with a natural tree rubber base and the artwork is printed on a layer of fabric adhered to the rubber. The fabric is then fully encased inside of an organic, environmentally-friendly material that protects the artwork, accentuates the colors, and has the perfect amount of grip. The grip surface has a supple, rubbery feel that is very durable and easy to wash clean.


- 5 lbs; 72” long; 26.25” wide; 3.5 mm thick
- The surface has a supple, grippy texture that is completely waterproof. Sweat can easily be rinsed right off the mat.
- The mat's base is made from natural tree rubber and the surface material is LEED certified, organic surface that is very durable.
- High-Density Rubber Cushion designed for joint protection and versatility on carpet, cement, or hardwood floors.
- Latex and PVC free
- The bottom of the rubber is cast with a grid surface that prevents the mat from sliding on the floor.

There is a small Psiloteric Visions / Metta Mats logo at the bottom right of every mat

Use & Care
• To Store or Travel: Roll your Metta Mat image side facing outwards. Prolonged storage rolled inward will result in the edges curling, however, this can be easily fixed by rolling the mat the other way.
• To Break In: No break-in required for your Metta Mat, but you will notice the surface become a little "sticky" feeling with use, however no less grippy.
• To Clean: We recommend using any organic household cleaner and a damp cotton cloth or sponge. Diluted Vinegar is an excellent cleaner. DO NOT USE BLEACH. You can also easily hose the mat off with a water hose.
DO NOT PUT it in the washing machine. Please hang or air dry. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. DO NOT DRY in a machine drier. Avoid abrading or scrubbing your Metta Mats surface.
Please note that you should not use essential oils to clean your mat - they will not damage the surface, but the oil that stays on the mat will create a thin oil-slick that will lessen the grip.
• If you are ever unsure of a cleaning method, feel free to contact us for the best recommendations and advice for cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly
Our mats are made from recyclable, renewable, 100% natural tree rubber. Absolutely NO PVC is used to help eliminate possible toxic emissions that are common during the manufacturing process of most PVC products. No harmful chemicals are used or discarded in the process of making our mats.