Who, what, where


Visionary Artist

I started creating digital art at a young age. I am completely self-taught, and Photoshop is my most commonly used tool. I didn't discover my niche until I traveled to Peru where I got a taste of magic from the Amazon known as "Ayahuasca". She opened up my visionary side and my art has never been the same since. 

I also express myself through music (under Omnistolik / Trauma Zulu on SoundCloud - check it out!) and dance (lindy hop, jitterbug, fusion, blues). 


Not just art....

My pursuit is not just to create visually appealing works of art, but also to create a channel through which divine light and energy can fill a space. There is power in the things that you breathe life into, and my work is very much alive!


In the woods. With bears.

I live in the Seattle area with my fiancee. She is one of a kind human being - a kind, loving soul with a brilliant mind! We connected over music many moons ago, and fell in love listening to Phaeleh and Black Mill. She kick-started my love for plants, permaculture, and homesteading in general. Our family consists of three large rescue dogs, two barn cats, thirteen chickens, a resident woodpecker couple that hangs out with us, a bobcat that terrorizes the chickens and a black bear that occasionally visits the house and terrorizes me. It's never a boring day here.

We also assist with pitbull rehabilitation and breed education/awareness when able. We love to travel, dance, play video games and board games (including DnD!), gardening and woodworking.